14 August 2009

"Garage" at Here & "Motel" at Micky's

Wednesday, August 12 featured two fun events in West Hollywood: "Garage" at Here Lounge and Rentboy.com's "Motel" at Micky's.  Tamara and I hit both, because that's how we roll, y'know.  Both places were mobbed, so it's a good thing we met up early so I could get some good shots of all my favorite porn folks.  "Garage" is fun because I love the folks who work it (hey, Woody!) and staff it, and Brandon Baker always organizes a delighftul event. 

What a fabulous start to the night: Rob Romoni & Lucky Daniels!

Bobby Clark means business!

Johnny Hazzard & Scott Boardman.

Nelson Troy & Tamara.

Bobby booty.

At "Motel":  Ryan Raz & Cameron Adams: It's Complicated.

Big smiles all around.

Alessandro del Toro & Cameron Adams.

Shower show hottie.

Rocco Giovanni workin' the cage.

One of my main porn squeezes, Vance Winter.

Barrett Long & Tamara.


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