20 October 2009

Karaoke and Out-of-Town Visitors

Tamara and I had dinner with porn studs Nick Moretti and Tim Kelly on Friday, October 16; they were in from Florida for an L.A. visit before continuing up to San Francisco.  After dinner, we headed out to a couple of bars in West Hollywood to hang out.

Here I am posing with Nick.

On Monday, October 19, porn stars and karaoke aficionados alike gathered for the latest installation of "Porn Star Karaoke," hosted by Jason Sechrest.

Drew Cutler and Jason Sechrest.

Drew Cutler, Jason King, and Spencer Whitman.

Jason & Luke Marcum.

Drew & George.

Jason & George.


Drew sings!  (See the video below!)



drew cutler said...

So fucken BAD!!!!!!!

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