24 December 2010

Dominic Pacifico and Tony Vega at Cocktails With the Stars

Dominic Pacifico and Tony Vega contributed to the holiday cheer at Micky's on December 23rd. Host Scotty B introduced a new holiday segment (check out the last photo):

Tony Vega.

Dominic Pacifico.

Dominic's groceries.

Tony's tiger.

Happy Holidays! =)

21 December 2010

Randy Blue at Faultline

The boys of Randy Blue turned out at Faultline on December 21st. Local fab photog Rolling Blackout was also celebrating his birthday:

Chip Tanner.

Alessio Romero.

Travis James & Woody.

Lucky Daniels.

18 December 2010

Cole Streets and Jayden Grey at Cocktails With the Stars

Cole Streets and Jayden Grey were the guests at Cocktails on December 16th:

Jayden Grey.

Cole Streets.

16 December 2010

Dominik Rider's Birthday Party at Here Lounge

Dominik Rider celebrated his birthday at Here Lounge on Sunday, December 12th:

Photographer Ninon, Cavin Knight & Dominik Rider.

Ninon, Brandon Wilde & Travis James.

07 December 2010

Cocksuremen at Cocktails With the Stars

December kicked-off nicely in the form of Jasun Mark and several hot studs from Jake Cruise's Cocksuremen.com website. Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows, Morgan Black, Robert Axel and Mitch Vaughn appeared onstage in various permutations throughout the evening of December 2nd:

Jasun Mark.

The boys were looking quite dapper: Brady Jensen.

Morgan Black.

Morgan Black and Kevin Crows.

Robert Axel.

Jasun smooches talented photog Rolling Blackout.

Dean Monroe dropped by too.

Mitch Vaughn.

Time for Porn Star Twister!

Steven Daigle poses with Mitch & Robert.

Jake Cruise poses with his men.

Jayden Grey brought newcomer Cliff Jensen.