23 November 2013

Shawn Wolfe at Dirty Dish

Shawn Wolfe was the guest at Dirty Dish on November 20th. Dustin Black dropped by for a visit later in the show.

Shawn Wolfe.

Shawn and his sweet smile.


Duncan Black.

21 November 2013

Charlie Harding at Dirty Dish

Charlie Harding was the guest at Dirty Dish on November 13th.  I've loved Charlie's work since the start; it was a pleasure to finally get to meet him.

Charlie Harding.

Brad Kalvo and Mike Dozer.


21 October 2013

Randy Blue 10th Anniversary at Dirty Dish

Randy Blue night at Dirty Dish on October 16th was a celebration of the company's 10th anniversary. It was so good to get to see Chris Rockway again -- and I finally got to meet Austin Wolf, who is a huge favorite of mine.

Sweet and sexy Richard Pierce.

Richard Pierce and Justin Owen (I love Justin's short hair).

FINALLY!  I loved getting to meet hunky Austin Wolf.

The legendary Chris Rockway.

Group shot.

Group shot (with additional fellas.)

20 September 2013

Hans Berlin and Alessandro Del Toro at Dirty Dish

Scotty B welcomed Hans Berlin and Alessandro Del Toro to Revolver for the September 4th edition of "Dirty Dish":

Hans Berlin and Alessandro Del Toro.

Hans and Scotty B.

Hans and Scotty B.


18 September 2013

Austin Wilde and Tyson Tyler at Dirty Dish

Austin Wilde and Tyson Tyler were the guests at Scotty B's Dirty Dish on June 19th: 

Austin Wilde.

Tyson Tyler (right).

10 June 2013

Scotty B's Dirty Dish @ Revolver

Scotty B's "Dirty Dish" premiered at the Revolver in West Hollywood in May 2013. Peter Le (PeterFever.com) and a number of other hot models were the evening's guest on May 29th: 

Kermie, JR Bronson, and Cutler X.

Peter Le.

Bobby Hart.

Diego Vena, Peter, and Ray Han.



Scotty B and Tate Ryder.

Peter and Diego.

Group shot.

05 June 2013

Grabbys Weekend: Grabbys After Party @ Charlie's

The Grabby Awards After Party was held at Charlie's on May 25, 2013. 

Trenton Ducati.

Trenton Ducati.

 Former Randy Blue model Trent Davis.

Alessandro Del Toro.

Mr. Pam!

Leo Forte and Mr. Pam on the dance floor.

Trenton Ducati.

Rich Kelly.

02 June 2013

Grabbys Weekend: The Grabby Awards

The 2013 Grabby Awards were held on Saturday, May 25, 2013, at the Center on Halsted. Co-hosts Chi Chi La Rue and Honey West strutted their usual awesome stuff. Here are a few shots from the ceremony (as well as some shenanigans immediately following the show).

Jimmy Durano.

Tommy Defendi. 

Trophy stud Shawn Wolfe.

Adam Champ.

Shawn Wolfe.

 Chi Chi La Rue.

 Tommy Defendi and Mr. Pam.

Christopher Daniels brought some Fred Astaire-flair to the occasion.

Christopher Daniels.

Austin Wilde.

Jimmy Durano.

 Still more of gorgeous Shawn Wolfe.

Hans Berlin.

Tom Wolfe.


Christian Wilde accepting his Best Actor award.

Chi Chi La Rue.

Honey West.

Bathroom shenanigans. Brought to you by Tom Wolfe and Parker Perry.

Christopher Daniels and Rafael Alencar cut quite the dashing figures.