30 June 2009

Prideful Gayness

The LGBT Pride Parade didn't seem to feature nearly as many porn people as in years past, but the event is still a good opportunity for people photography, given the number of Dykes on Bikes, drag queens, political organizations, celebrities/politicians, etc., that one can watch marching up Market Street.  

Tamara joined me midway through the parade, in time for us to cheer on Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz.  We then high-tailed it via the Muni to the Civic Center and the festival.  We bumped into Antonio Biaggi and Kent Taylor as well as newcomer Conner Habib.

Samuel Colt resplendent in leather.

With Conner & Tamara at the Pride Festival.

29 June 2009

Tattoo Saturdays @ The Stud

I was up in San Francisco June 27 - 29 to celebrate gay pride weekend.  On Saturday night, I skipped the mayhem of "Pink Saturday" in The Castro (way, way, way too crowded, and house music is definitely not my thing) and took myself down to The Stud for "Tattoo Saturdays" -- featuring a nice porn star line up including Scott Tanner, Ryan Raz, Race Cooper, Nash Lawler, Christian Owen, and Dominic Pacifico.

One-Eyed Scott Tanner.  "ARRRRRR!!!"

(Shiver me timbers.)

Ryan Raz (and poles).

Tamara, Alex, and Tony Aziz.

Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz.

Race Cooper and Samuel & Tony.


25 June 2009

Coby Mitchell @ Cocktails with the Stars

I first saw Coby Mitchell performing live shows on Chi Chi La Rue's Live and Raw and was immediately taken with his engaging personality and fantastic body.  Coby currently tends bar at Micky's, and he spent his "down time" between interview segments mixing cocktails for the fans. 

Q & A time for Coby.

Nelson Troy.

Hot-ass bartender J.R.

Choosing a lucky number.

Oh, Scott, really now . . .

Something for the pits fans.

And something else for the asswhores.

Coby gets to know Nelson a little better.

Nelson satisfies his own curiosity.

Alessandro del Toro.

Not only do you get cocktails and conversation, but on occasion you get gymnastics.

Josh Hart & Zack Randall.

Steven Richards & J.R.

23 June 2009

Josh West @ Cocktails with the Stars

Super-friendly (and super-hung) Josh West was the guest at Micky's "Cocktails with the Stars" on Thursday, June 18. Below is a selection of my favorite photos from the evening:

Josh is all-smiles.

Scott Boardman grills Josh for the down & dirty. =)

Coby Mitchell is back in the business (and is currently a bartender at Micky's).

Josh is a furry fella!

A furry fella with a fuzzy butt, no less.

Hot House dreamboat Paul Wagner lends his support.

David (Dee Dee) was in the house, celebrating his birthday.

David's buddy, Meriah, knows a hot man when she gropes one!

Josh gets a handle on things.

Posing with Paul.

All of Paul (well, almost all of him). He is so darling.

21 June 2009

Pride & Penis 2009

On Sunday, June 14, the 39th Annual Pride Parade was held in West Hollywood, California, and I took the opportunity to use my new Canon EF 70-300mm lens and document a few of the handsome faces from the adult industry in attendance.  The men of Randy Blue were out in full force, as were the boys from Channel 1 Releasing (including Jeremy Bilding, Cameron Marshall, and Vance Winter).

Ryan Rockford and abs in all their glory.

Jeremy Walker and Xander Scott.

Jeremy & Xander are joined by Reese Rideout.

Malachi Marx.

Travis James.

Texting?  Twittering?  Facebooking?

Xander & Don.

Don gets a boost.


Vance Winter.  (He was on roller skates.  Too cute!)

Trent Davis and Lucky Daniels during the parade.

* * * * *


The delightful crew from Randy Blue were at club Hot Dog at the West Hollywood nightclub, The Palms, on Saturday night, June 13.  In addition to Randy himself, behind-the-scenes talents Don and Jeremy were in attendance, making me feel like a most welcome addition to their family.  Models Trent Davis, Reese Rideout, Ryan Rockford, and Malachi Marx (shout out to flygal!) worked their business up on the stage and go-go boxes.  Lucky Daniels dropped by with his hunky boyfriend to hang for a bit, too.  And fellow Randy Blue chat room regular, Texasstud, joined me in mingling with the guys.

Posing with Don -- the host with the most!

Ryan Rockford: Now this is a guy I want to see working my pole-ing place next election.

Malachi Marx dances his denim off.

One of my personal favorites in the business, Trent Davis.

Ryan gives Jeremy a little lovin'.

18 June 2009

C1R @ Chi Chi La Rue's

June 12 - 14 was gay pride weekend in L.A., and to celebrate, several models from Channel 1 Releasing made personal appearances at director Chi Chi La Rue's West Hollywood store:

He's pec-tacular: Mitchell Rock.

Finally working in front of the camera: Adam Killian.

Seth inspects the goods.

Cameron Marshall.

Alessio Romero and his hot tatts.

Director Doug Jeffries included a few of my shots in his gay pride weekend blog.  (Mine are the first two and the final one.)  Thanks, Doug!