30 May 2012

Grabbys Weekend: After Party

I think the Grabbys After Party, held at Spin nightclub on Saturday, May 26, was my favorite party of the weekend. I got to talk to and photograph a lot of my very favorite people in the industry.

Group fun!

Kieron Ryan and Logan Vaughn.

This leg man gives Logan's hot legs a "10."

Chi Chi La Rue.

Mr. Pam and Rafael Alencar.

Mr. Pam and Scotty B.

Preston Steel.

Austin Wilde and a patriotic friend.

Cal Skye and Tom Wolfe.

Tony Hunter.

Lex Sabre and Scotty B.

Scott Spears and Markie.

Rex Roddick and Lex Sabre.

Diego Vena gets silly with Steven Ponce and Brian Bonds.

An Ashley Camerazzi sandwich.

Ashley with her men: Tom Wolfe, Cal Skye, and Dean Monroe.

Cutie Jimmy Durano.

Jimmy Durano, Christian Owen, Ash Camerazzi, and Dean Monroe.

Cavin Knight and Tristan Jaxx.

"Naughty" Laura D and Christopher Daniels.

Beau Marcus (center) and friends.

Kieron Ryan and Foxxy.

Grabbys Weekend: The Grabby Awards

The Grabby Awards were held at the Park West Theatre in Chicago on Saturday, May 26. It's not easy to make people standing at a microphone speaking look interesting, so I've just included a few shots that caught my eye for one reason or another (such as the portrait-type shot of the beautiful Christopher Daniels looking up at one of the screens).

Co-host Honey West and two trophy studs (including Tyler Sweet, center).

One of my new porn crushes: Logan Vaughn.

Co-host extraordinaire, Chi Chi La Rue.

Tom Wolfe -- rocking a corset like only he could -- leads Drake Jaden onstage.

Trenton Ducati.

Trophy stud Diego Vena.

Austin from AustinandZane.com.

Congratulations, Mr. Pam!

Christopher Daniels.

Cal Skye.

Steve Cruz, Landon Conrad, Tony Buff, Adam Robinson, and Bruno Bond.

Parker Perry and his hot, hot pants.

Rex Roddick.

Sister Roma.

Spencer Reed.

With the awesome Derek Da Silva.