30 August 2009

"Industry" at Eleven and "Meatrack" at The Eagle

Spent much of Saturday evening, August 29, dealing with car trouble, but I eventually arrived at Eleven to capture a few shots of headliner Vance Winter and other porn pups dancing and otherwise looking hot in their underwear. Those shots will be up on Jason Sechrest's Facebook page in the near future. I'm including a couple of shots of my own here. 

After "Industry," several of us adjourned to the Eagle in Silver Lake.

Alessio Romero, Race Cooper, Tamara & Samuel Colt @ Eleven.

Kind of biffed the exposure/focus on this one, but the loveliness of Jeremy Bilding, Rob Romoni, Jim & Lucky Daniels shines through!

After Meatrack: Alessio, Tom & Race.

23 August 2009

Ludovic Canot at Cocktails with the Stars

French-born porn star Ludovic Canot appeared at Micky's on August 20. As you can see from the photos, he definitely charmed Scott!


Q & A.

Tummy time.

Jock fun.


French kissing the Frenchman.

Getting Ludovic a little more comfortable.

17 August 2009

Matthew Rush & Francesco D'Macho at Cocktails with the Stars

The August 13 edition of "Cocktails with the Stars" featured superstars Matthew Rush and Francesco D'Macho, who were joined on stage at various points by Erik Rhodes, Brandon Lee, and a blonde newcomer whose name I didn't catch.  I'll update this post when I get his name.  And in addition to all that level of hotness, other porn pups in attendance included Cameron Marshall, Rocco Giovanni, and Adam Killian.

Understandably, big names like this drew a large crowd, many of whom were entirely too eager to get as close as possible to the stage, hampering the ability of the actual photographers (and videographers) there to get the event properly recorded.  I missed a lot of the naughtier fun later in the evening thanks to these over-eager, shrieking queens.  Crowd control is something in order for the event on nights like last Thursday's.  

Okay, rant over.

Leading off the evening: Matthew Rush.

Rocco Giovanni.

Matthew stands between Erik Rhodes and the new kid.

Tamara, Francesco D'Macho, and an associate of Francesco's.  (I'll just drunk him Drunk Guy for now.)

He's a cute twink-type.

Pubes and ass, for those who are into that sort of thing.

Francesco's turn!

Francesco is fun to photograph.  He has such a terrific face.


I absolutely adore me some Cameron Marshall.

Erik Rhodes.

Brandon Lee.

I had to get a shot of the crotch in those fabulous jeans.

Ashley basks in the glow of some hunky company.

Adam Killian and his hot boyfriend Chris.

Post-Cocktails outside Micky's.

Rocco & Matthew.

Bartender Grant (woof!) & Rocco.

14 August 2009

"Garage" at Here & "Motel" at Micky's

Wednesday, August 12 featured two fun events in West Hollywood: "Garage" at Here Lounge and Rentboy.com's "Motel" at Micky's.  Tamara and I hit both, because that's how we roll, y'know.  Both places were mobbed, so it's a good thing we met up early so I could get some good shots of all my favorite porn folks.  "Garage" is fun because I love the folks who work it (hey, Woody!) and staff it, and Brandon Baker always organizes a delighftul event. 

What a fabulous start to the night: Rob Romoni & Lucky Daniels!

Bobby Clark means business!

Johnny Hazzard & Scott Boardman.

Nelson Troy & Tamara.

Bobby booty.

At "Motel":  Ryan Raz & Cameron Adams: It's Complicated.

Big smiles all around.

Alessandro del Toro & Cameron Adams.

Shower show hottie.

Rocco Giovanni workin' the cage.

One of my main porn squeezes, Vance Winter.

Barrett Long & Tamara.


09 August 2009

"Industry" at Eleven

When Numbers, a long time gay bar/restaurant in West Hollywood, "went straight" -- so to speak -- Jason Sechrest and Josh Griffin moved their club night, "Industry," down the street to Eleven. It debuted this past Saturday, August 8, with even more than the usual 10 Nearly Naked Pornstars in attendance. I appreciate the new abundant space (no more dodging waiters and busboys), and I really dig the space where the lockers are located -- above the bar where you can watch the boys lift weights and change. Woot!

These are shots I took for the blog here. The rest will be posted over on Jason's Facebook page, so keep an eye out for him to post those there soon.

Philip Aubrey & Tamara


Tristan Mathews (with Jim, at right) was a little drunky.

Cameron cozying up to a couple of cuties.

I'm so happy I remembered to remove my glasses!

Clint Lawless serving up a body shot.

Rocco Giovanni, ladies and gentlemen!

R & T.

Rocco, birthday boy Seth Apper, and Twitter King Rob Romoni.


Lance Bennett.

Tamara & Rob.

Yep, I was a little hot for Clint.


Dean Tucker.

Dean & Spencer.