23 April 2010

Travis James and Tory Mason at Cocktails With the Stars

Randy Blue exclusive Travis James and Tory Mason were the guests at Micky's on April 23rd:

Travis James.

Steven Daigle & Travis.

Drake Jaden, Steven & Scotty Boardman.

Drake's fab abs.

Tory Mason.

Stripping the newbie.

Posing with my buddy Lex Sabre.

20 April 2010


Josh Griffin celebrated his 30th birthday at Micky's on April 14. I couldn't stay late, when a number of other porn folks dropped by, but I did get a few shots with my little point and shoot I had with me:

Travis James & Josh Griffin.

Josh, Jason Sechrest & Rob Romoni.

Randy Blue's Don poses with Travis.

That Rob: Always flippin' the bird!

Don admiring one of Josh's cute friends.

07 April 2010

Tucker Scott at Cocktails With the Stars

The ever-adorable Tucker Scott was the handsome guest at Cocktails With the Stars on April 1 (no foolin'!):

Tucker Scott, the Southern charmer himself.

Tucker, Rob Romoni & Josh Griffin.

Newcomer Brandon Wilde.

Posing with hunky Travis James.