27 February 2010

Josh Griffin and Lucky Daniels at Cocktails With the Stars

Josh Griffin and Lucky Daniels were the guests at Cocktails with the Stars on February 25:

Josh Griffin.

Smilin' Lucky Daniels.

Peter Axel.

Lex Sabre.

Lucky demonstrates his favorite sex position.

Lex, Rob Romoni & Tucker Scott.

21 February 2010

Randy Blue at Cocktails With the Stars

Three of Randy Blue's hot models -- Riley Price, Sean Everett, and newcomer Richard Pierce -- were the guests at Micky's on February 18. Raging Stallion Studios Man of the Year Austin Wilde was a surprise guest, and all four men proved quite popular with the fans:

Sean Everett, Riley Price & Richard Pierce.

Jayden Grey & Austin.

Austin & Ashley.

Riley & Jeremy.

Randy Blue & Austin chatted at the bar.

Ashley, Austin, Tamara & Jim.

Don & Sean. YAY!

Jayden & Tucker Scott.

09 February 2010

10th Annual Cybersocket Awards

The 10th Annual Cybersocket Awards were held on the evening of February 8th at Eleven Lounge in West Hollywood. For images from the Red Carpet and the awards themselves, check out the News Desk at jasoncurious.com in the next few days. These shots were taken while mixing and mingling before and after the awards:

Happy between Dominik Rider & Mike Dreyden.

Bruno Bond, Vince Ferelli & Steve Cruz.

Alessio Romero & The Silver Fox (Tom).

Shine-be-gone! =)

Tucker Scott.

Randy Blue's Cayden Ross & Nick Leoni.

Randy Blue & Riley Price.

Coby Mitchell & Damian Rios.

Beaux Banner.

Damian, Sister Roma & Coby.

Angel Benton & Phillip Ashton.

Roma & David Arias.

Best Personality winner Wolf Hudson.

Bruce Vilanch & David.

Shane Frost & Mr. Pam!

Beaux & Jayden Grey.

Lex Sabre & Shane Frost. (With cameo by Tucker Scott. *wink*)

Greg York & Peter Axel.

Johnny Hazzard & friend.

Tony Vega.

Race Cooper!

Race & Angelo Marconi at the gun show.

Pornobobbie & Steve.

Junior Stellano & Mr. Cooper.

Mike & Jason Ridge.

Randy Blue living legend Don in a Nun Sandwich.

Steve & Paul Wagner.

Steve & Tamara.

Tamara & Adam Killian.

Nico & Don.

Randy Blue crew (Gunner Pierce, Nico, Cayden & Riley).

Samuel Colt & Steve.

Cameron Marshall & Sister Roma.

Amy & Ryan Raz.

Mike & Jeremy.

Hot House!

Rob Romoni & Jonathan Chang.

Reese Rideout.

Lucky Daniels & Cayden.

Pornobobbie & Scotty Boardman.

Oh my!

Luke Marcum & friend.

Diesel Washington, Angelo & Josh Griffin.

Steven Daigle.