25 February 2011

Damian Rios and Sami Damo at Cocktails With the Stars

Damian Rios and newcomer Sami Damo were the guests at Cocktails on February 17th:

Sami Damo.

Damian Rios.

10 February 2011

Club Inferno Night at Cocktails With the Stars

Club Inferno night at Cocktails With the Stars on February 10th brought out a ton of talent, including Craig Reynolds, Jackson Lawless, Lance Navarro, Mason Garet, Logan Scott, Adam Russo, and director/DJ Christian Owen:

Host Scotty B with Craig Reynolds.

Jackson Lawless.

Lance Navarro & Mason Garet.

Logan Scott.

Mason & Adam Russo.

Craig's booty.

Jackson's package.

Adam's amazing bod.

Lance's crotch.

Christian Owen.

Adam & gpcrush.