29 May 2014

Grabbys Weekend: Grabby Awards & After Party

The 2014 Grabby Awards were held on Saturday, May 24 at Chicago's Metro nightclub, and the show was co-hosted by Chi Chi La Rue and Honey West. The after party was held nearby at Charlie's. 

Chi Chi La Rue and handsome Jason Phoenix.

Nick Capra and Hans Berlin.

Honey West.

Brian Bonds.

Boomer Banks.

Mr. Pam and Sister Roma.

Jimmy Durano, Sister Roma, and Christian Owen.

Hunter Marx (right).

Shawn Wolfe and Ray Han.

Ray Han, Hunter Page, Mr. Pam, and Tim Valenti.

Harvey Walker and Lex Sabre.

After party photos start here with Jimmy Durano and Brock Avery.

Christian Owen, Ash Hollywood, and Jimmy Durano.

J.R. Bronson and Christian Owen.

David Benjamin.

Tyler Wolf, Austin Wolf, Eli Lewis, and Jimmy Durano.

Andrew Justice.

Brock Avery.

Jimmy Durano, Mr. Pam, and Shawn Wolfe.

Brandon Jones, Mr. Pam, and Boomer Banks.

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