10 July 2009

Barrett Long at Cocktails with the Stars

Porn veteran Barrett Long was the guest at "Cocktails with the Stars" on July 9.  He was promoting his "Amateur Hour" series, as well as his big, uncut dildo.  (Which Scotty was quite taken by, heh.)

Barrett & penis.

Time for a shot with J.R.

Barrett and a recent co-star, Jackson Lawless.

Bo Dean -- a model who's worked with Jake Cruise. 

Bo's buns.

Mike gets groped by Bo.

Fellow Jake Cruise model Lance Bennett worked the room, too.

J.R., Mike, and Dane Brando (left).


Flygal said...

hmmmmmm Thanks for sharing Tball

gpcrush said...

rawr Jackson Lawless! rawr!

This week's should be a riot!