03 July 2009

Ryan Raz @ Cocktails with the Stars

Ryan Raz was the guest at "Cocktails with the Stars" on July 3.  He's an engaging guy, and he made a fantastic guest.  He'll be the headliner at "Industry" at Numbers (located just up the street from Micky's).

Ryan responds during a q & a segment.

J.R. [*sigh*]

Workin' the microphone.

Host Scotty B.

Keepin' cool in shorts and flip flops.


Micky's regulars Adrian & Mikey.

Alessandro del Toro.

Q & A.

Ashley poses with Ryan during a break.

Down the Andrew Christians.

Bartender Grant.

Self-portrait with Ryan.

Hands up!


gpcrush said...

that photo of Ashley and Ryan is hot. I love me some Ashley!

Beautiful photos!


Flygal said...

The bartender is a hottie!

captcha: puresaff (lol that's me alright 'pure'

Tball said...

@ gpcrush: They are so cute together in that shot, aren't they?!

@ flygal: J.R. is a total doll. And straight!

Flygal said...

more for me then! TBall you just made my fucking day :-) feel free to pass my previous comment along ... ;-)