21 September 2009

Caesar, Zeb Atlas & Rocky Houston at Cocktails with the Stars

Caesar, Zeb Atlas, and Rocky Houston were featured at the September 17 edition of "Cocktails with the Stars".  It had been a couple of years since I'd seen Caesar in person, and he was just as personable -- and big!  Caesar is the reason I first joined the Live & Raw website back in 2000.  I'd Googled him and discovered that he'd be performing a live show on the site, and I popped my internet porn cherry watching his outstanding show.  Later, Zeb Atlas made his appearance, looking as beefy as ever.  Rocky Houston also took the stage for some Q & A action and some shirt and pants baring.  In addition to all the beef onstage, I bumped into quite a few of my porn industry folks out enjoying the evening.  After the show, I took myself over to Chi Chi La Rue's store to visit with Torey.


Shirtless Caesar.

Rocky Houston.


A bit of flexing for the crowd.

Rocky's Q & A.

Zeb Atlas.

Cameron Marshall (LOVE!) & Robbie Ireland.


Wolf Hudson.

Cameron, Robbie & Wolf.

Torey!  (Soooooo cute.)

With Torey.


gpcrush said...

there's just so much meat in this post...yum!


Tony Vega said...

Caesar & Zeb Atlas are so f&ck!ng hot I think I might... Uhh, I just came :P


Tball said...

Thanks for the comments, y'all! =)

Indeed, these boys pack a whole lotta meat on their frames, don't they? And Caesar is just plain hot inside and out. I've loved him for years now.

Tony: Well, be sure to lick it off your fingers. Don't want it going to waste. ;o)