06 September 2009


I've been extra-lazy this week (a combination of my own natural tendency toward procrastination and L.A.'s week-long heat wave -- I don't have A/C in my 1920s-era apartment building), so I'm way, way behind on uploading photos.  But for the time being enjoy a couple shots from the past week:

Paul Wagner, Scott Tanner & Rob Romoni re-create past Spring Break moments during "Industry" @ Eleven Lounge (9/5/09).

David Forest Month @ Cocktails with the Stars included newbie Adam Campbell (pictured), Tony Capucci & Johnny Castle (9/3/09).

Porn Star Karaoke @ MJ's Bar was a BLAST!  Vance Winter belted out a couple of great tunes (and he sang IN TUNE, no less) (8/31/09).


AJ said...

The magnificent three, some beautiful boys.

gpcrush said...

ha ha ha!!! I love the photo of Scott, Paul and Rob.