11 October 2009

Body Builder Jam with Samuel Colt at Faultline

Samuel Colt appeared at the Faultline on Saturday, October 10th, as part of Body Builder Jam. 

Alessio Romero & Samuel Colt.


The contender.

Samuel disrobes for the crowd.


Tony Aziz guest-starred as a horny police officer.  =)

Jammin' with Kyle.

Tony, Kyle & Samuel.

Scotty Boardman & Tony.

Kyle & Tamara

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here are a few video segments from the evening.

Samuel Colt makes a proper entrance:

A few poses for the . . . enthusiastic . . . fans:

Officer Aziz takes the errant Mr. Colt into custody:


1 comment:

gpcrush said...

Isn't that the guy who face raped you with his ass? heh!

Awesome time last night. We had too much fun. I'm in love with Kyle. In. love.