03 October 2009

Jackson Lawless and Nick Piston at Cocktails with the Stars

The October edition of "Cocktails with the Stars" kicked off with Jackson Lawless and Nick Piston.  Also in attendance were two models from the Jake Cruise stable of men: John Magnum and Shane Frost.

Jackson Lawless.

Nick Piston.

John Magnum.

Shane Frost.

John has beautiful eyes, doesn't he?

John and his hot chest.

John has a nice ass to match the rest of his physique.

Shane & Steven Richards.

Newcomer Drew Cutler!

The bird.

Q & A.

Jackson models.

Jackson's ass.

And now for the XXX portion of the evening.

Nick professes shock.  Ha!

More of Jackson.

Some of Nick's artwork on Jackson's butt.

1 comment:

Flygal said...

Magnum can have me any day!