30 May 2012

Grabbys Weekend: Grabby Awards Red Carpet

Here are a few photos from the red carpet(s) at the Grabbys Awards, held at the Park West Theatre in Chicago on Saturday, May 26, 2012.  

Sister Roma and Eddie Stone covered the arrivals outside the theater, while Scotty B. and Ash Camerazzi interviewed and filmed those inside the lobby.

Andrew Justice.

Christopher Daniels (behind Andrew Justice).

Scotty B. and Fabscout Howard.

Tommy Defendi, Bryce Star, and Diego Vena wait for their turn with Scotty.

Rod Daily.

Competing photographers = three people looking in different directions (Scotty B., Austin Wilde, and Anthony Romero).

Co-host Honey West.

Scotty B. and Honey West.

The adorable Brandon Lewis.

Andrew Justice.

Scotty talks to boyriends Troy Collins and Tucker Scott.

Scotty B. with Steven Ponce and Brian Bonds.

Jesse Santana and Kyle King flank the delightful Mr. Pam.

Leo Forte and Tony Buff.

Scotty B., Cody Cummings (well, his underwear), and Zachary Sire.


Two favorites: Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond.

Lex Sabre.

Couple Cavin Knight and Tristan Jaxx.

I was so happy to get to see Josh West on more than one occasion.  Love him.

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