28 May 2012

Grabbys Weekend: Hydrate

The annual Grabbys weekend commenced with a kick-off party at Chicago's Hydrate on Thursday, May 24, with director/dj Chi Chi La Rue hosting.  I feel like I lost my photography mojo temporarily during the weekend, so apologies for the quality of the shots.  I think maybe my camera and flash were telling me it's time to upgrade.

The party started rolling early, and one of the first porn stars I encountered was Trenton Ducati (above).  We hadn't met before, and I was impressed with his friendly personality and, um, huge hands.  

Next: Christian Owen and Jimmy Durano, both of whom I've known for a few years now.  Loved Jimmy's sparkly shirt.

It's not a party until Parker Perry arrives -- suitably, as here, in his underwear. He is one of my favorite furry fellas.

Steven Ponce shook his bon bon on the difficult-to-photograph stage (OY with the mirrors and the fog machine).

I was anxious to meet Christopher Daniels, as I've followed him on Twitter for some time, and I find him interesting and -- duh, look at that body -- sexy.

Hey Harvey Walker!  Harvey was the first person I saw this weekend (it always helps to see a friendly face), and I am loving his long hair (as I believe I yammer on about every time I see him).

Anthony Romero, Austin Wilde, and Austin Wilde's Abs, ladies and gentlemen.

Lex Sabre, my favorite pocket gay, and his bright smile.  Gurl, we go way back!

Dirty perv Drake Jaden and Lex Sabre share smiles.  

Tony Buff and Lex Sabre.

I really love this shot: (from left to right) Tony Hunter, Mr. Pam, Brian Bonds, and Steven Ponce.

Tom Wolfe (right) and friends (photo bomb courtesy Adam Robinson).

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