30 June 2009

Prideful Gayness

The LGBT Pride Parade didn't seem to feature nearly as many porn people as in years past, but the event is still a good opportunity for people photography, given the number of Dykes on Bikes, drag queens, political organizations, celebrities/politicians, etc., that one can watch marching up Market Street.  

Tamara joined me midway through the parade, in time for us to cheer on Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz.  We then high-tailed it via the Muni to the Civic Center and the festival.  We bumped into Antonio Biaggi and Kent Taylor as well as newcomer Conner Habib.

Samuel Colt resplendent in leather.

With Conner & Tamara at the Pride Festival.

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gpcrush said...

OMG! We are so cute!!!

That is an amazing photo of Mr SF Leather!!!