30 August 2009

"Industry" at Eleven and "Meatrack" at The Eagle

Spent much of Saturday evening, August 29, dealing with car trouble, but I eventually arrived at Eleven to capture a few shots of headliner Vance Winter and other porn pups dancing and otherwise looking hot in their underwear. Those shots will be up on Jason Sechrest's Facebook page in the near future. I'm including a couple of shots of my own here. 

After "Industry," several of us adjourned to the Eagle in Silver Lake.

Alessio Romero, Race Cooper, Tamara & Samuel Colt @ Eleven.

Kind of biffed the exposure/focus on this one, but the loveliness of Jeremy Bilding, Rob Romoni, Jim & Lucky Daniels shines through!

After Meatrack: Alessio, Tom & Race.


gpcrush said...

Methinks there were a lot of photos taken on that couch!!

jimyvr said...

Oh I got my own label lol. And gosh I hate my face in that picture lol