09 August 2009

"Industry" at Eleven

When Numbers, a long time gay bar/restaurant in West Hollywood, "went straight" -- so to speak -- Jason Sechrest and Josh Griffin moved their club night, "Industry," down the street to Eleven. It debuted this past Saturday, August 8, with even more than the usual 10 Nearly Naked Pornstars in attendance. I appreciate the new abundant space (no more dodging waiters and busboys), and I really dig the space where the lockers are located -- above the bar where you can watch the boys lift weights and change. Woot!

These are shots I took for the blog here. The rest will be posted over on Jason's Facebook page, so keep an eye out for him to post those there soon.

Philip Aubrey & Tamara


Tristan Mathews (with Jim, at right) was a little drunky.

Cameron cozying up to a couple of cuties.

I'm so happy I remembered to remove my glasses!

Clint Lawless serving up a body shot.

Rocco Giovanni, ladies and gentlemen!

R & T.

Rocco, birthday boy Seth Apper, and Twitter King Rob Romoni.


Lance Bennett.

Tamara & Rob.

Yep, I was a little hot for Clint.


Dean Tucker.

Dean & Spencer.

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