01 August 2009

Lucas Knowles at Cocktails with the Stars

Polish-born stud Lucas Knowles was the charming and sexy guest at the July 30 installment of "Cocktails with the Stars."  The man can really work a room -- and he worked it wearing almost nothing at all most of the evening.

See?  He strutted around like this all evening.  (Yay!)


Porn star/bartender Coby Mitchell.

Ah, Lucas's Polish sausage.

Buddies Alessandro del Toro & Kyle Foxxx.

Q & A

Go-go hottie Jason.

That sexy grin was on display all night.

Randy Blue star Reese Rideout dropped by.

Hanging out.

Is it time for that tongue bath already?

Dakota Rivers & Scotty.

Reese, Scotty & Dakota.

Get in the middle of that!


That's a wrap!

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filmfanatikk said...

Great pix as always!!!