23 June 2009

Josh West @ Cocktails with the Stars

Super-friendly (and super-hung) Josh West was the guest at Micky's "Cocktails with the Stars" on Thursday, June 18. Below is a selection of my favorite photos from the evening:

Josh is all-smiles.

Scott Boardman grills Josh for the down & dirty. =)

Coby Mitchell is back in the business (and is currently a bartender at Micky's).

Josh is a furry fella!

A furry fella with a fuzzy butt, no less.

Hot House dreamboat Paul Wagner lends his support.

David (Dee Dee) was in the house, celebrating his birthday.

David's buddy, Meriah, knows a hot man when she gropes one!

Josh gets a handle on things.

Posing with Paul.

All of Paul (well, almost all of him). He is so darling.


Flygal said...

Thank you Tball for spending the time putting this blog together. I <3 you :-)

ajbee said...

Thanks for the post, Josh is one of my favorites, the first picture says it all.

Tball said...

Thanks for the comments, y'all! =)

gpcrush said...

aren't you glad you I made Paul pose with the glasses on!