29 June 2009

Tattoo Saturdays @ The Stud

I was up in San Francisco June 27 - 29 to celebrate gay pride weekend.  On Saturday night, I skipped the mayhem of "Pink Saturday" in The Castro (way, way, way too crowded, and house music is definitely not my thing) and took myself down to The Stud for "Tattoo Saturdays" -- featuring a nice porn star line up including Scott Tanner, Ryan Raz, Race Cooper, Nash Lawler, Christian Owen, and Dominic Pacifico.

One-Eyed Scott Tanner.  "ARRRRRR!!!"

(Shiver me timbers.)

Ryan Raz (and poles).

Tamara, Alex, and Tony Aziz.

Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz.

Race Cooper and Samuel & Tony.



gpcrush said...

oh dear god..

there is no shame is there?


word verification: mentlat o.O

Tball said...

Shameless, girl. Shameless! =)