21 June 2009

Pride & Penis 2009

On Sunday, June 14, the 39th Annual Pride Parade was held in West Hollywood, California, and I took the opportunity to use my new Canon EF 70-300mm lens and document a few of the handsome faces from the adult industry in attendance.  The men of Randy Blue were out in full force, as were the boys from Channel 1 Releasing (including Jeremy Bilding, Cameron Marshall, and Vance Winter).

Ryan Rockford and abs in all their glory.

Jeremy Walker and Xander Scott.

Jeremy & Xander are joined by Reese Rideout.

Malachi Marx.

Travis James.

Texting?  Twittering?  Facebooking?

Xander & Don.

Don gets a boost.


Vance Winter.  (He was on roller skates.  Too cute!)

Trent Davis and Lucky Daniels during the parade.

* * * * *


The delightful crew from Randy Blue were at club Hot Dog at the West Hollywood nightclub, The Palms, on Saturday night, June 13.  In addition to Randy himself, behind-the-scenes talents Don and Jeremy were in attendance, making me feel like a most welcome addition to their family.  Models Trent Davis, Reese Rideout, Ryan Rockford, and Malachi Marx (shout out to flygal!) worked their business up on the stage and go-go boxes.  Lucky Daniels dropped by with his hunky boyfriend to hang for a bit, too.  And fellow Randy Blue chat room regular, Texasstud, joined me in mingling with the guys.

Posing with Don -- the host with the most!

Ryan Rockford: Now this is a guy I want to see working my pole-ing place next election.

Malachi Marx dances his denim off.

One of my personal favorites in the business, Trent Davis.

Ryan gives Jeremy a little lovin'.


Flygal said...

I am officially jealous of you T-Ball with Malachi looking like that at Hot Dog and all the other boys looking the way they do... though I have to admit , I LOVED Malachi with facial hair. you know how to get the good angles of any man... :-)

Flygal said...

btw thanks for the shout out :-) ... now where is that pic of Texasstud all over the boys??? (<3 you Texasstud!)

gpcrush said...

so this is what you do when I'm not around. ;@)

I live for your photography!