15 June 2009


It's about time, right?  Heh.

I'm an inveterate procrastinator, so, while I've certainly considered maintaining a photo blog at various points over the past few years, it's only now that I've taken the first step and, y'know, posted something.  I decided that an appropriate inaugural image should be a recent favorite (above) taken in Chicago over IML/Grabbys Awards weekend.  As you'll note, I'm surrounded by three of my favorite men in the business:  Cameron Marshall, Blake Riley, and Jeremy Bilding. I'm actually rather shy, so whenever I'm attending an event, especially at a bar, I'm hugely relieved when familiar faces like theirs arrive, and I can relax and start socializing -- and snapping flattering images of them.

My goal is to keep current -- or sorta current, given my above-mentioned penchant to procrastinate -- with the numerous meet-and-greet public appearances, dancing gigs, awards shows, et cetera, that I attend each year.  I'll also post links or selected shots from past events, given that my archives are pretty damn vast after eight years of regularly documenting these things.  It'll also be the home of the shots I take at "Cocktails with the Stars," a weekly interview/meet-and-greet show at the newly reopened West Hollywood bar/nightclub, Micky's.

I'm a sucker for comments, so please feel free to do so! 



fly said...

Who's that sexy guy 2nd from the left??? Sexy sexy pic boys :-)

Tball said...

That old guy? Oh, he's some perv. ;o)

gpcrush said...

I live for your photos! You are my official photographer!


fly said...

awe he's a hottie... he rocks. I will be following him on his new blog now!

Captcha: faliativ

ajbee said...

I'm glad you started a blog. You might be a garden variety fan of adult entertainment but all the big stars are fans of yours.

Cameron Marshall said...

I love you Tball!